Indigenous Solidarity

Indigenous Solidarity

Climate Justice Montreal sees the issues around climate justice as inherently linked to larger questions of capitalism and colonialism. Through our content and the way that we organize, we try to address and highlight these injustices. We strive to act in solidarity with Indigenous communities, particularly those on the front lines of resource extraction. We do this by amplifying Indigenous folks’ voices of resistance, supporting community needs, and raising funds for land defenders.

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Petition for CDPQ Fossil Energy Divestment

August 1, 2017

Here is a petition asking the Caisse de Dépôt et de Placement du Québec to divest from fossil fuels and to respect the right of indigenous peoples to give or refuse free, prior and informed consent on any ressource extraction project being planned on their territories.


Climate Justice Skills Day

April 15, 2017

Download the PDF of the day’s activities



January 8, 2017

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