Follow the $$$

Follow the $$$

Climate Justice Montreal is calling for a boycott of the Metro grocery stores, particularly the one on Avenue du Parc and Prince-Arthur, due to Metro board member Maryse Bertrand encouraging McGill University to continue its objectionable investments in the fossil fuel industry.

This is unacceptable considering:

  • According to McGill invests $50 million in fossil fuels such as tar sands, gas, and pipeline companies, companies that invest billions per year in lobbying, unethical exporation, and campaign financing against needed climate policies
  • Divestment at McGill is supported by professors, employee unions, and all student unions
    • Since 2012, Divest McGill has been calling on McGill University to respect indigenous land and the climate science by divesting from all fossil fuel companies
  • Ms. Bertrand’s behaviour is so objectionable that a professor of environmental ethics quit his job at McGill in protest

This isn’t just about the dozens of millions of dollars that McGill invests in these companies, but also a matter of principle. These investments threaten everyone’s future, including that of McGill students and their families.

Because that Metro grocery store is particularly McGill-dependent, we call upon locals and McGill students and staff to boycott Metro, and let store management know by calling (866) 595-5554.