Municipal Resolution Action Kit

— November 15, 2013

In an effort to empower ourselves and our communities in taking a position on energy issues, building together our analysis, our alternatives to carbon dependency, and our capacity for joint action, Climate Justice Montreal is asking the City of Montreal to ban the importation of Tar Sands oil and oppose Enbridge’s Line 9 pipeline reversal.

As the reality of catastrophic climate change is settling into global consciousness, as tragedies from Kalamazoo to Lac Megantic prove fossil fuels cannot be transported safely, as Indigenous struggles for sovereignty prove to be struggles for all of humanity, we believe collective action to stop the destruction caused by reckless corporate resource extraction is essential.

By starting in our communities and working with our neighbors, in education and mobilisation, we hope to create upward pressure on city council while growing our allies from the bottom up.

We believe that through cooperative resistance (through the process as much as the actions themselves), we can foster the creation of a society which is more just, less oppressive, and more resilient.

Join us in raising awareness of and solutions to these issues, while asking City Council to say no to Tar Sands expansion.

Sign the petition here!

Start talking to councillors and groups in your borough! Full action kit below!

Express how you are #DirectlyAffected

Are we missing something? Let us know!

Action Kit

Here you will find everything we think you might need to take action in your neighborhood!

A hardcopy of the petition to print off here

Organize a day of canvassing in your neighborhood with our No Line 9 Resolution pamphlet. Print version here

Use sample resolutions in a lobby kit to show Councillors and potential Groups or Organizations who may endorse the campaign that we are not alone! Portland, Maine and Bellingham, Washington

Use our draft resolution to explain exactly what it is we want and why! City Resolution

Here is a pdf version of the website #Directly Affected. Use it to show visually that people care, and for many different reasons! Encourage people to make their own!

Encourage endorsements from groups and organisations of all kinds, and we will list them on our site. If they link to our petition, we will link to their site! Together, we can take a stand!

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