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Our Generation’s Quiet Awakening must be Green and Red

En français: http://bit.ly/Ji1EFz The creative, courageous and inspiring Quebec student movement will today weave its way through Montreal’s Earth Day rally, mixing red and green, merging demands for a freeze on tuition with respect for the earth and those most impacted by climate change. Let the meeting not remain accidental, but deepen and flourish. Our country […]

License to Spill! Passez à l’action contre l’extraction!

A 25-foot Dragon and “Human Oil Spill” to Warn Montrealers of Dangers of Pipelines, Extraction Time: 12:00, April 20, 2011 Location: McGill College at Sherbrooke [English Below] Partout autour du monde, des communautés sont menacées par des industries d’extraction qui empoisonnent nos familles, tuent nos proches au travail, et détruisent les écosystèmes que nous chérissons. Le déversement […]

Climate Justice Banner Drop and Occupation of Parliament: “If They Won’t Take Action on Climate Justice, We Will!”

  At 11:00 a.m. this morning organizers with Climate Justice Ottawa dropped a banner in the rotunda of the Canadian Parliament reading “If They Won’t Take Action on Climate Justice, We Will!”.  The youth also began a sit-in “Peoples Assembly” calling for Canadian politicans to begin open and sincere consultations with communities across the country. […]