April 21st: Earth Day March

482836_548575988509774_133877980_nHello friends,

We invite you to sign the 21st of April Earth Day declaration online. This year, it calls for the end of our dependence on oil, and for the rejection of fossil fuel projects.

Climate Justice Montreal supports the Earth Day movement, but we wanted to clarify our position regarding the declaration so that it better represents the vision and fundamental values of our group. See below for our statement.

We look forward to seeing you at the Earth Day march, which starts at “la place des festivals” on the 21st of April at 2:00pm. Come show the government that we do not want tar sands in Quebec!

 Climate Justice Montreal is joining with social movements on Earth Day by adding our name to the Declaration of April 21st, 2013, with the following clarifications:

 ·   It is important to recognize that we are on occupied territory, governed by provincial and federal states which remain fundamentally colonial in nature. We actively support the sovereignty of this territory’s indigenous nations, as well as all struggles for decolonization and against oppression.

·   We emphasize that climate change has already begun to have serious impacts, particularly on marginalized communities and in the Global South. This reality demands that we act in solidarity with affected peoples.

·   We believe that we must go beyond simply limiting the effects of climate change. We must directly address the causes of these negative impacts. In particular, the industrial capitalist mode of production, which necessitates infinite growth, must be left behind.

·   We believe that we must go beyond “clean energies”. Despite the marketing, “green” energy, such as solar panels, hydro dams, or various rebrandings of fossil fuel, continue to have their attendant social and ecological consequences. As a society, we need to move toward degrowth – consuming significantly less energy and resources.

·   We specifically demand that the government of Quebec adopts, before the end of the year, a credible plan to reduce the province’s oil consumption by 30%, and to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 25% compared to 1990 levels before 2020.

·   We specifically demand that the government of Canada reinstate the environmental laws erased by Bill C-45 and C-38, laws that were dismantled on behalf of corporate profiteers.

·   We believe that the concept of energy sovereignty articulates a more local and human approach to energy challenges. A community pursuing self-sufficiency is more likely to seek projects with minimal impacts on their local environment. This concept could be a key to a more sustainable future for our children and the ecosystems that support us.